Clinical Nutrition Services

Care Team Support

Quality Assurance Systems

Administrative and Educational Tools

  • Urbshott Faulds Dietetics Professional Corporation is a team of qualified and compassionate health care professionals who specialize in providing dietitian services to Long Term Care Homes (LTC) across Ontario.
  • Formerly Barker Blagrave & Associates (BB&A), Urbshott Faulds Dietetics, owned by Julie Urbshott and Sarah Faulds, proudly embody BB&A’s mission and values of being skilled, honest, and supportive dietitian service providers.
  • On a contractual permanent or temporary basis, our services include clinical nutrition care, care team support, quality assurance systems and administrative and educational tool development.
  • We offer quality work at competitive rates and our fee structure includes direct dietitian services to Homes as well as our value-added services (see ‘What We Do’ for more information). We also provide consultative services including policy and procedure manual development, in-service packages, program evaluations, operational reviews on a fee for service basis. Quotes are available on request for any of our service packages.